Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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WTB Variegated Jaboticaba Scions

I do know I am going out on a limb…. see what I did there? 

However, I am searching for some variegated Jaboticaba pruning that I can use as scions to graft onto Purple Hybrid stalks. They are saying that begging is nice for the soul, so if anyone has a variegated Jaboticaba with some crossing or spare sucker branches that want pruning off and desires to promote me a couple of then hit me up! I would even be enthusiastic about scions from different uncommon varieties for grafting.

I am poor as grime as a consequence of well being issues and this is among the few methods I can consider to have the ability to afford my Jaboticaba obsession is by grafting scions. I am unable to afford the max bid quantities of a typical ebay public sale for one or the import charges/phytosanitary certificates to purchase from in another country.  Something over $50 is simply out of my price range. However, perhaps someone someplace on the market would ship me a slicing or two for scion grafting. One can hope anyway.





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