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White Sapote Questions

I am initially from southern California, and completely love white sapotes.  I am additionally cussed sufficient to not soar on the pawpaw prepare (a neighborhood favourite that grows wild), and am decided to determine methods to preserve a grafted tree indoors. 

Due to its dwarf(ish) measurement, I imagine my finest guess is to accumulate a grafted Suebelle tree, and add chosen scions as I can.  From studying earlier threads, it appears there are two varietals out there known as “Suebelle.”  I am undecided which is the “true” Suebelle, however I do know one has fuzzy leaves and the opposite would not.  Can anybody inform me the distinction between the 2, and which one is extra preferable to accumulate?  Is (both) Suebelle thought-about a very good selection to graft scions onto, usually?  Can I get an honest fruit yield with just one tree?

Additionally, I am curious if anybody thinks I ought to abandon the hunt to fruit a tree indoors, as I favor to hearken to individuals who know greater than me (regardless of my stubbornness).  My understanding is that it may be completed in a ten or 15 gallon pot (possibly even 7?), however I need to ensure it wont take up a whole room in my home, or require me to construct a big greenhouse in my yard (which I am hoping to do subsequent yr anyway, lol).

Lastly, I’ve recognized among the “improved” varieties I might wish to get scions for, if anybody has them.  Skipper, Sundown, and Fairhaven are my quick checklist.  I am additionally open to ideas for these on the chopping fringe of cultivar information   Thanks prematurely everybody!  Cheers.



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