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The eremo- hybrids, which of them are price it?

Final time I used to be asking about satsuma’s, now the eremo’s.

From what I’ve gathered there’s:

1. Eremorange (-14°C)
2. Eremolemon Coachella (-12°C)
3. Eremomandarin (-?°C)
4. Citrangeremo (-15°C)
5. Citrus glauca x shekwasha (-?°C)

– Eremorange is the preferred, so I anticipate it to be good and it has good chilly resistance, so I’ll add this to my assortment

– Eremolemon can also be fairly standard, not as chilly hardy, however as a result of lemons overal aren’t very chilly hardy, I nonetheless suppose it’s fascinating to have (I’ve this one already).

– Citrangeremo, some details about it on the web, however I didn’t discover a lot about fruit high quality or the way it compares to Eremorange. It might be a little bit extra chilly hardy because of the poncirus genetics, however I am questioning if it is price it if Eremorange has higher style.

– Eremomandarin I have not discovered a lot about it…

– Citrus glauca x shekwasha, I believe that is additionally thought of an eremomandarin. Not a lot data, particularly about fruit high quality. Adavo has it.

Any individuals right here which have some expertise with these? I might simply get all of them for my assortment, however I’ll have already got so many sorts that I might reasonably preemptively take away some, as an alternative of ready till I can check and style all of them.

This is an image of my Eremolemon Coachella on poncirus. I’ve one other one from Lenzi on carrizo, which I took a scion from and grafted on poncirus



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