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Ruby Supreme, Crimson Apple, Pink Variegated, Lemon Guava, Crimson hybrid, Marang

Up to date January 2023 Seed listing

USPS First Class Transport is $5
USPS Precedence Transport is $8.50

Ruby X Supreme Guava seeds –SALE 10 seeds for $5
Agency texture, good taste

Crimson Apple Guava – SALE 10 seeds for $5

Turns crimson outdoors when ripening, white flesh.

Pink Guava (variegated?) – SALE 10 seeds for $5 Was instructed it’s a “Variegated Pink Guava” and that the leaves had 2-tone colours. Undecided if true to seed.
Pink inside, glorious taste, even the pores and skin was skinny and attractive.

Lemon Cattley Guava – Psidium cattleyanum var. littorale – SALE 10 seeds for $5 Very candy with excellent taste! Mom tree fruited at 1.5-2 years previous. It was grown from seed collected from a wild grown tree in central Oahu, HI. First ripe fruit is excellent and measured 14% Brix and 42mm in diameter.

Chrysophyllum cainito – “Bo Hong” Cainito – Star Apple – $2 every – Very candy! Higher than the Purple Cainito.

Plinia aureana – White Jaboticaba – $1.50 every Recent Seeds

Crimson Hybrid Jaboticaba – Plinia cauliflora x Plinia aureana – Fruits in 2-5 years – $1.50 everyRecent from my tree.

Sabara Jaboticaba Seeds$0.50 every Virtually prepared – 1-2 weeks away – 

Blackberry Jam Fruit Seeds – Rosenbergiodendron Formosum$0.50 every Recent

Miracle Fruit – Synsepalum dulcificum – $1 every

Eugenia selloi – Pitangatuba – Star cherry – $1 everyFrom 3 totally different bushes

Garcinia sp. – Frankies unknown garcinia – $2 every – Germinated –  Very skinny pores and skin, Candy tart taste, Tastes like a mixture of Lemon drop and Achacha

Mangosteen – Garcinia mangostana $8 every Few Out there

Kwai Muk – Artocarpus Parvus – generally mislabeled as A. hypargyraeus –  $2 everyFew left

Marang – Terap – Artocarpus odoratissimus – $2 every



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