Wednesday, February 1, 2023


I’ve by no means had durian however to be sincere I am scared given the all of the scent experiences;

I style with my nostril fairly a bit, how ‘highly effective’ is it? What would yall describe the style as, clearly it have to be definitely worth the scent lmao

The scent is totally exaggerated for my part perhaps when you walked right into a small room filled with durian with no airflow it could be overpowering, a single fruit eaten by itself within the open not an issue.  I all the time inform folks Durian tastes like nothing else on this planet and for my part can’t be precisely described.  Durian Lindsay has in depth descriptions on completely different varieties i cant say I can detect issues i see others describe aside from it has “durian style” which is totally distinctive to another meals I’ve ever tasted.

Very attention-grabbing, it sort of seems like me making an attempt to explain lychee, there’s one thing that’s unmistakable about how they style
I am positive the frozen ones on the market right here aren’t an excellent illustration however maybe I am going to get to attempt it someday fingers crossed,

if it weren’t for the scent propaganda, the lower open image does make it look attractive…

I just like the scent of durian, it does have a powerful scent….however so does marang, chempedek, cupuassu and noni fruit (I am positive there are a lot of extra). I’ve tasted candy durians, durians with garlic flavour and others with alcohol flavour, dry durian, creamy durians, white fleshed durian, yellow fleshed durian…..a lot selection.

You describe it just like the bubblegum from willy wonka How do you decide whether or not it is a good one or not?

Due to everybody for having fun with, a lot love!!
I personally have not tried about 1/2 the issues on the listing however style, versatility, how the tree appears, the story behind them, .. there’s a lot extra to guage! As satisfying as consuming the ‘reward’ on your work is, I do not suppose it is incorrect to be partial to at least one or one other even when you’ve by no means tasted them : )

and I agree lmao pina colada all the way in which, however the place are you seeing tomatoes 🤣



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