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Parkinson’s within the setting of PawPaw consumption (and different Annonaceaes) article

OK! I dug out my outdated notes on this one, and realized just a few extra issues! I actually recognize the dialogue on this thread. It is actually essential for us to know the protection of our passion .

Pomper et al. regarded on the toxicity of soursop, cherimoya, pawpaw varietals, peach, and banana: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/jf9018239. They measured toxicity by discovering the quantity of extract wanted to kill 50% of a brine shrimp inhabitants. Amongst many issues, they discovered:
1)   that cherimoya flesh was 100x much less poisonous than soursop, and is nearly as benign as peaches (yay!).
2)   that some pawpaws have been 100x extra poisonous than soursop, and that some pawpaws have been about as poisonous as soursop.

The quantity of annonacin in some pawpaws is actually staggering! However, it’s this dramatic determine which doubtless proves the purpose that that is fairly nicely tolerated by >99% of the inhabitants. A home-owner binge-eating fruit from their pawpaw tree might find yourself consuming ~3lbs of pawpaw in a day (or 3~5 pawpaw fruits). Assuming a typical soursop weighs 6lbs, that’s roughly like consuming 50 soursop fruits in a single day! A single tree might yield 30~80 kilos of fruit, so that would amass to consuming the equal of 500~1300 soursops per tree. That’s a dose increased than consuming a full 6lbs of soursop on daily basis *and* consuming the soursop leaf tea on daily basis for a yr, however administered all in 1~2 months! If that’s the case, fruit fanatics and pawpaw lovers within the american midwest ought to be struggling simply as a lot or greater than the folks of french west indies as a result of Indiana banana!

Nevertheless, there are positively a small inhabitants of people that ARE very strongly affected by this toxin: folks with Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). Growing this extraordinarily unlucky situation is generally strongly linked to genetics. In caucasians, the insertion/deletion polymorphism in intron 9 of MAPT is related to this threat. In Guadeloupe, it is doubtless another genetic challenge (https://movementdisorders.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/mds.22297). Caparros-Lefebvre present in 2005 that youthful individuals who have been recognized with PSP vastly diminished their PSP signs once they stopped consuming annona merchandise. I haven’t got entry to the unique paper, however you may see it on slide 14 right here: http://www.pawpaw.kysu.edu/PDF/AcetoUpdate3.pdf.

For the reason that caucasian farmer within the 2020 paper had been recognized with PSP, and certain had the H1 genetic issue, he positively mustn’t have been consuming annona fruits or merchandise. It is unlucky that this wasn’t extra well-known! He lived to be 80 years outdated, which is fairly good, however he might have lived longer. What he doubtless skilled was an enormous surge in signs each time he consumed pawpaw. Since signs have been solely noticed to decrease in youthful folks with PSP when stopping annona merchandise, he might have felt a everlasting enhance within the severity of his signs at any time when he consumed pawpaw. It is unlucky that he did not make the connection that his signs obtained worse when he ate the fruit.



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