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Overview: Popeyes – Blackened Rooster Sandwich

Popeyes Blackened Rooster Sandwich options a rooster breast filet marinated in blackened seasoning after which fried with out breading. The blackened rooster filet is then served with pickles and mayo on a toasted brioche bun.

I paid $4.99 for the sandwich.

So far as my experiences go, my native Popeyes has been fairly beneficiant with their rooster portioning for the common Rooster Sandwich and that carried over for the Blackened Rooster Sandwich as properly. I principally obtained two small rooster breast filets pressed collectively to make one massive one.

The blackened seasoning permeated the rooster for an pleasing Cajun taste all through that was additionally pretty salty and mildly spicy (much less so than their Blackened Tenders it appeared). Texture-wise, the rooster had a slight crispiness in some bites from being fried however was nonetheless moist inside.

The mayo was a bit extreme in my specific sandwich–it was utilized to each the highest and backside buns and tended to squeeze out of the perimeters as I ate. It added a wealthy tang and creaminess that balanced out the saltiness of the rooster.

The pickles provided a brisker crunch and a lighter bitter chunk versus your commonplace quick meals pickles.

My specific bun was overly browned (throughout baking?) and was a bit dry, which suggests it might need been sitting for some time. It was good for a barely richness and a mushy, ethereal texture however was springy reasonably than squishy.

Total, Popeyes Blackened Rooster Sandwich turned out very properly in my ebook. The rooster was filled with a particular and attractive taste that is not obtainable at most quick meals chains and there was loads of it. Popeyes’ Blackened Tenders are a go-to order for me at Popeyes and the sandwich model provides a good bit of complementary flavors to boost the expertise.

Dietary Information – Popeyes Blackened Rooster Sandwich
Energy – 550 (Energy from Fats – 260)
Fats – 29g (Saturated Fats – 5g)
Sodium – 1900mg
Carbs – 41g (Sugar – 8g)
Protein – 32g



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