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Not sufficient Durian Dialogue

Hello all
Surprise f any of you may inform me what’s going on with the most recent flush on my sunan durian. Appear to have quite a lot of die off – tree appears in any other case wholesome and the two timber subsequent to it are positive

Is it a nutrient deficiency ??

I’m not stunned to see you put up this in October throughout dry climate as to me it seems like injury from a herbivore.
From my analysis herbivores like drier tissue, “extremely hydrated”/”moist” tissue makes digestion more durable and in addition dilutes the solids they require. After I take brix ranges thought out the 12 months of leaves I can see the distinction in what number of leaves I’ve so as to add to the garlic press to get sap out. IMO the leaf’s seems a bit shrunken, idk if solely extra water will assist, possibly extra OM and water?

IME Durian leaves in Optimum well being ought to have an virtually oily shimmer and really feel to them, be fairly lengthy and huge and still have very low visibility of veins (to not yellow) and be fairly thick to not papery. I do not know if that is attainable in an orchard spacing solar depth system although. Some secondary plant metabolites seams to be decreased in these form of rising environments, eg. amino acids, fatty acids. I do know individuals hate to listen to that because it’s quite simple to setup and handle.
IMO Durio zibethinus doesn’t profit from intense solar in it is juvenile and intermediate part. I’m making an attempt to review it is Ontogeny.

By the point the tissue reaches to the cover prime the age of the tissue or the ontogenetic part might be mature and thus prepared for FULL SUN (aprox max 12H a day for equatorial). And the basis system can be large by then and in a position to maintain sap throughout intense solar.
I believe Ontogeny can also be the explanation why horticulturalist Dr. Richard Campbell climbed to the highest of an enormous Mangifera Caesia to get his graft wooden, highest attainable ontogenic part, within the Fruit hunters documentary.
Why do outdated durian tree’s produce smaller fruits? Why do taste and texture change with age? Perhaps when now we have lower down all of the outdated development durian tree’s for mono musang king grids we are going to understand the loss.  A pal of mine thinks Musang king could be very inferior to many wild outdated development durio zibethinus fruits. And Mon thong is pig meals in contrast IMO. Pigs gotta eat nicely too!
Take a look on the native Borneo pig.

You possibly can strive a foliar spray of fulvic acid, it is meant it quickly enhance the brix stage within the leaf/tissue and make the leaf and tissue much less fascinating to herbivores. Have not received the information for that but, simply making an attempt to get base of management samples now.

When you even have steam borers I’d say the tree is on it is method out, IME borers are available in at a late state of decline in well being.
You may attempt to cowl the stem with a movie or put a contact pesticide inside the opening and seal with a plug.
However IMO if the underlying trigger is not corrected you may be in for lots of intervention, if it isn’t already to late.

Borers are one of many motive I do not domesticate durian clones.
The borer an infection price have been completely different when I’ve in contrast farms with seedling tree’s vs vegetive clones, increased borer an infection in clones with a graft junction. Have not seen a mature durian reducing or marcott so cannot touch upon that.
I do know none need to hear it… However to me it is so self evident and possibly mirror the present excessive durian value and low availability in Australia. And to make use of systemic pesticides is inhumane IMO because it additionally enters the fruit which unknowing prospects eat. “Systemic” Referring to or affecting the whole physique or a whole organism.
And this Malaysian farmer is rejecting clones for seed grown tree’s:

Bayer are all the time a step forward of researchers wanting into toxicology of their merchandise, however ultimately some syn. chemical substances are taken of the market nevertheless it’s okay for Bayer trigger they received 10-20 years of gross sales. And the cycle continues.

Does anybody else have Heavy Clay Soil with low CEC? If that’s the case what did you do to appropriate it? OM? Ca? Natural acids/chelators?
One a part of our forest have Heavy clay with CEC 5.6 which might be as a result of age of the clay particles right here trigger often Heavy clay could have increased CEC from what I’ve been informed.

This is the soil pattern if anybody is :

That’s from a spot on the land that haven’t been cultivated. Solely by Cassowaries ;)




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