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Jaboticaba45 ACT uncommon plant giveaway 2.0 might win plinia rara!

Hey discussion board,
In case you do not bear in mind the GGG from final April, properly worry no extra.
I simply took the ACT friday and determined to do a big giveaway. I do not know my rating but, so I believed could possibly be cool to do a guess my rating, win cool prizes.

Here is find out how to take part.
1. guess every rating for every part (english, math, studying, science)
2. Every rating goes on a scale from 1-36. 1 being the bottom, 36 being the best
3. The winners shall be introduced as soon as I get my rating again

So this is how the prize giveaway works. It is free. In case you win, you pay me nothing
there shall be 3 individuals who win.
1st place to the one who guesses the closest
2nd place
third place
To see who received, I will see which scores had been the closest by subracting the guessed rating to the precise rating utilizing absolute worth. Whoever has the least quantity wins.
Here is what I’m making a gift of
Every winner can take one plant

Dona gal jaboticaba
Annona salizmanii
Eugenia pyriformis var. gigante
Eugenia multicostata octocostata
grafted scarlet scion from fruiting tree
and in the event you guess my rating rating for rating, I will offer you a plinia rara plant! Yep, I received my fingers on 1 further I can provide away.

Here is an instance
you guess:
English 26
Math 30
Studying 24
Science 21

The precise rating was *
26 English
28 Math
22 Studying
18 Science
So that you had been 7 factors off my complete rating

If two persons are tied in factors I will do a spinner to find out who wins on the band app.
Possibly I will even livestream this on the band app
Shoutout to GiantGecko for the thought of utilizing band!

Whoever is the least off my complete rating will win. In case you guessed 26 English, 30 Math, Studying 24, and Science 18 and that was my precise rating for the check, That is once you win the plinia rara. To win that, you will need to guess every rating accurately.

Here is a touch:
I am above the 75 percentile final check I took (April 2022). In case you do digging, the GGG ought to have extra data ;D  on final check I did (my final check rating, trace, trace). However you gotta discover that thread, not me.

*not my precise rating lol

I hope that is one thing enjoyable everybody can get pleasure from. You’ve got round 2 weeks to submit your guess. As soon as I get my rating, no extra guessing. This can be a low danger excessive reward scenario for everybody so I hope you’ve got enjoyable!



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