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Is my white sapote sick?

Hello everybody. I’ve 7 small white sapotes within the floor. They’re younger however have grown quickly up to now yr. Now, a few them are exhibiting darkish patches on their leaf ends. What’s happening? My soil is loamy clay, so it tends towards damp heaviness. However most fruit bushes thrive on my property. – figs, mulberries, apples, stone fruits, and many others all very productive. However I’m fearful that the white sapotes are affected by moist ft. What would the signs of this be? Although my soil is heavy, I’m on a ten p.c slope with little or no ponding of water. The previous 3 weeks have been very very wet. I didn’t plant my white sapotes on mounds.

Images are connected. If you happen to suppose you recognize what’s happening, please supply recommendation. Thanks,



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