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For Sale/Commerce varied Uncommon Annonas, Eugenia, Garcinia

If in case you have any questions please pm me and I’ll replace put up for others if wanted.

 That is native pick-up solely in East Boynton Seaside.

 Im all for different uncommon Annona species or the rest uncommon. Let me know what you may have for commerce!

 I am going to have extra to put up later.

  EDIT: ADDED GRAFTED Annona salzmannii
                                      Chrysophyllum albidum seedling

     I can ship the Annona sp, Eugenia candolleana, and Crimson Jabo Hyrbid if anybody is



‘Honey’ Soursop on A montana rootstock. SOLD5g

I acquired seeds from Han Sen in 2018. They appear to be precocious for a soursop. My timber are flowering now in 15g pots and I feel one is holding fruit.

‘Whitman’s Fiberless’ on Soursop rootstock. $100 5g – My tree got here from Adam @FFF

Annona sp – I used to be labeling this as Annona cf nutnas but it surely would not match any of the identified orange/purple annonas precisely. The budwood was initially from Bolivia and I solely obtained as Annona sp. —-A nutans and cornifolia are in the identical area and I mentioned with a couple of guys over in Brazil and its probably a pure hybrid between the 2. The fruit is bigger than cornifolia and has a creamy texture. Its a candy style with solely very refined flavors. Smaller seedlings about 1 yr previous are $60 and bigger ones about 2 yrs are $100.

Annona montana (SWEET) I obtained seeds from Marcos (huertasurbanas) in 2019. These are from his candy montana. $150

Eugenia florida – I obtained seeds from Miguel in Portugal (MiguelPT) he mentioned these had been an excellent fruit! I’ve a pair seedlings from Sellami @ Seeds Hunter as properly. 2-3yrs previous  $100

Eugenia candolleana – there appears to be a couple of variations of this going round. Mine is a bigger leaf selection that fruits in clusters. No Astringency and when ripe i acquire and put in fridge and eat when chilly. candy with refined flavors or pitanga and cherry. My timber got here from Berto about 7 years in the past and started producing after 4yrs. They’re thirsty timber, placed on a number of blooms and entice plenty of bees! $15 every

Achachairu ‘Selecto’ – seeds got here from Raul in Mexico – $40

Crimson Hybrid Jabo $20 1/2g pots

Garcinia sp (Jorco?) – I obtained these seeds from ETR DUDE(Ulysess) in 2019. I can not affirm what these are however I used to be instructed Jorco may be very sluggish rising and these won’t be proper. They leaf seems to be hybrid between brasiliensis and achachairu. That’s what he said as properly. One other individual from PR mentioned he is unsure he ever had entry to those seeds. So truthful warning, Im unsure what these are. $75 3g

Annona salzmannii $150 strategy grafted on glabra. My tree got here from Berto’s fruiting tree and can also be on glabra. This grafted tree on the market has already flowered.

 Chrysophyllum albidum – $75  – African Star Apple – seeds got here from Jibril in 2020

Pouteria macrophylla $75 – seeds from Richard in French Guiana

‘Butterscotch’ sapodilla$75 1g – I grafted these from my timber from Zill’s. I even have some in 25g not too long ago potted up and 15g. I would like to commerce for a ‘Pumpkin Pie’ mamey if somebody has one.

Inexperienced Caimito– (Massive Inexperienced Caimito) – grafted from Zills-25g $300 – I’ve 2 out there



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