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Bait and Change: Genetically Engineered Gene-Remedy Medicine

It’s a tragedy that every one of us who knew concerning the risks of GMOs, genetically engineered bioweapons, Large Pharma criminality, and the specter of out-of-control companies and the nationwide safety state weren’t organized right into a extra highly effective, united, and militant resistance a number of years in the past. On the essential second when harmful, experimental gene-therapy medicine had been compelled onto the market, and injected into the our bodies of a fearful and coerced inhabitants, below the guise that they had been innocent and efficient COVID “vaccines,” we must always have been capable of cease them. Sadly, we didn’t. The foremost purpose we couldn’t cease this large assault on the physique politic and our youngsters is as a result of the America we dwell in right this moment shouldn’t be actually a democracy, however quite an oligarchy, a 21st Century company, technocratic, bio-medical, nationwide safety state.

As quickly as notoriously prison and reckless Large Pharma corporations like Pfizer and Moderna, the CDC and the FDA, working with the Pentagon, the White Home, and corrupt politicians of each political events, introduced that they had been going to cease the COVID-19 pandemic (which they claimed was a pure zoonotic spillover, quite than an apparent lab launch from a Wuhan bioweapons and biomedical lab), with a brand new kind of genetically engineered “vaccine” primarily based upon “messenger RNA” (mRNA) expertise, there ought to have been  a mass outbreak of non-violent civil disobedience and resistance.

As a result of we had been threatened by what they stated was an unprecedented public well being emergency, Anthony Fauci, Large Pharma, and the Trump administration, adopted by the Biden Administration, informed us that the COVID mRNA “vaccines” wanted to be rushed to market, at “Warp Pace,” with no legal responsibility for damage or loss of life on the a part of the producers. They stated that these mRNA photographs wanted to be injected into everybody, even wholesome adults, those that already had acquired pure immunity, and youth and youngsters, who confronted little or no risk from SARS-CoV-2. For individuals who refused the jabs, you would lose your job, your education, your livelihood, your freedom to journey, and even your proper to attend spiritual companies. In China, most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada the lockdowns had been much more extreme than the U.S.

The COVID authoritarians demonized critics of the official narrative, shut down faculties and companies, and compelled everybody to put on masks, which in fact they knew had been ineffective to cease the tiny, aerosolized particles of the virus. They demanded that the generic, repurposed malaria and parasite medicine and pure dietary supplements being efficiently utilized in early remedy of COVID be banned, and that scientists and docs who deviated from the federal government mandates needed to be silenced, de-platformed, and de-licensed.

A central technique on this modern-day coup d’état, what the perpetrators of the COVID-19 “vaccine” catastrophe, and their recipients of Large Pharma promoting {dollars} within the mass media, hid is that the so-called Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines and boosters weren’t really vaccines in any respect, however are actually genetically engineered gene-therapy medicine. These mRNA “vaccines in identify solely” (VINOS) had by no means earlier than been correctly safety-tested in people, and even animals. Furthermore, these gene-therapy medicine had been being rushed to market by corrupt pharmaceutical companies with a historical past of fraud (for which that they had paid billions of {dollars} in fines and authorized settlements) and prison negligence. A number of years in the past when a variety of gene remedy medicine had been injected into youngsters, who subsequently died, the intense risks of experimental gene remedy medicine had change into generally acknowledged.

Ever since 2014, messenger RNA medicine have been acknowledged by the FDA as “gene remedy” medicine, not vaccines. However authorities, the Pentagon, and Large Pharma knew that the general public was cautious of genetic engineered merchandise and gene-therapy experiments. So that they merely modified the definition of what constituted a vaccine, eliminating the longstanding requirement {that a} vaccine, not like the mRNA COVID medicine, should really stop or cease the unfold of a illness, on this case COVID-19.

As a Bayer/Monsanto official admitted: “‘We in all probability would have had a 95% refusal charge’ for these photographs two years in the past, however the pandemic and advertising of the injections as ‘vaccines’ has made them standard with the general public, stated Stefan Oelrich, president of Bayer’s Prescription drugs Division, on the 2021 International Well being Summit.”

Public unease over genetic engineering had beforehand brought on business and authorities to dam correct labeling and security testing of GMO meals and seeds for over twenty years.  Just like their fraudulent advertising and labeling of mRNA gene remedy dugs as “vaccines,” the powers that be now like to say that new lab meals, similar to pretend meat and milk, are “gene-edited” or “precision fermented” quite than genetically engineered, and that these “artificial biology” meals are completely secure and subsequently require neither labeling nor security testing.

However now increasingly of us are studying the reality about Pfizer and Moderna’s gene-therapy mRNA medicine. Individuals’s on a regular basis expertise and revealed knowledge can not be coated up. Even the mass media censorship surrounding COVID vaccine security is unraveling.

The COVID mRNA gene-therapy medicine don’t work, they don’t cease the unfold of the illness, they suppress our pure immune system, they gas new variants, and increasingly knowledge are displaying that they trigger large damage and loss of life, together with myocarditis or coronary heart injury in youth and supercharged most cancers tumors in individuals of all ages.  It’s turning into clear that mRNA gene remedy “vaccines” actually threaten the well being and reproductive capacities of tens of millions of individuals, imperiling even the long run generations.

We have to cease the mRNA injections now, and we have to indict and produce to justice the perpetrators of this crime in opposition to humanity. And we have to shut down the weaponization of pathogens, so-called “gain-of-function” experiments, and cease the subsequent pandemic earlier than it’s engineered and launched, whether or not unintentionally or intentionally.

You may signal OCA’s “Cease Weaponizing Pathogens” petition right here.

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