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Annona muricata hybrid? seeds on the market

Potential muricata hybrid seeds $3 every + delivery with monitoring $9

 I’ve made a number of makes an attempt at hybridizing the orange Annona sp with different Annona species. I used muricata ‘Itabuna’ for some makes an attempt. When opened up the flesh of the soursop confirmed orange splotches which confirmed that these have been certainly hyrbidized. Nevertheless, I additionally used coriacea and muricata pollen combined in. So, there are a pair totally different potentialities in getting a hybrid. I am undecided if these hyrbids can be mules and even germinate correctly. I’ve run out of room for germinating seeds and want to share some on right here for different to attempt to develop. I dont have that many seeds on the market as many of the seeds within the fruit have been aborted or only a few seeds. I’ve additionally had the feel of 1 fruit utterly change to a pasty consistency. I’ve about 6 totally different fruit which have proven orange splotching. I’ve a pair seedlings germinating now and are very sluggish rising. Let me know in case you have any questions.





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